Skol Sharks

Modeling, carving and finish of hyper-realistic sharks dummies, for TV spot & "Um por todos. Todos por uma" advertising campaign, launched at the Brazilian market.

London Dairy Dummies

Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice-cream dummies, for London Dairy's TV spot & "Premium Ice Cream" advertising campaign, launched at the english-speaking market.

Powerade Airplane

Airplane hold set + Overscaled bottle prop + SFX, for Powerade's TV spot, introducing the energy drink ION 4, launched at the argentinian market.

Coke Magic Machine

Vending machine as gate opening system, for Coca-Cola's BTL action & "Destapá la magia de la Navidad" advertising campaign, launched at the Argentinian market.

Axe Limousine

Period car restyling as a fancy limousine, for TV Spot, introducing the anti-perspirant Axe Musicstar, launched at the Latin American market.

Nike Running Machine

Loom & Running machine prop, for Nike's BTL action during "We Run Buenos Aires 10K" marathon race, introducing the new Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 under the slogan "Knitting the victory".

Coke Can Shot SFX

Soda can shot through ice dummy SFX, for Coca-Cola's TV spot & "Destapá Felicidad" advertising campaign, launched at the spanish-speaking market.

Huggies Pregnant Belts

Belts that combines Bluetooth technology and movements sensors, transmitting the sensations from the mother's belly to the father's belly, allowing him to feel the pregnant too. Huggies launched these belts at Latin American market, on Father's Day. This campaign was performed by Ogilvy and the agency has obtained a Gold Effie for the innovation.

Schweppes Bottles & Ice

Ice dummies + Tonic bottle mock-ups to scale + Graphic label, for Schweppes Ginger Ale's TV spot & "Separando hombres de niños desde 1783" advertising campaign, launched at the Latin American market.

Budweiser Poolball

Poolball for Budweiser's BTL action for the Argentinian market, introducing a new game: to play soccer on an oversized pool table, combinating their rules and allowing sport, night, fun and beer to get along.

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